Mandi’s Cancer Aid Support Group

People with cancer and their loved ones often express a strong feeling of isolation or of “being alone.” Our support group is a a great resource to help combat those feelings and explore new, practical coping strategies.

An influential study in the United States by Dr. David Spiegel in 1989 reported that group therapy helped women with breast cancer to cope and live longer. The demand for support groups from people who have cancer has grown exponentially world wide since then.  However, such groups have been lacking in Nigeria, where the country still harbors the ‘Cancer is taboo’ notion.  We aim to change this with our support group; a support group held the FIRST SATURDAY of every month from 10am – 2pm

Our Group welcomes anybody  with any type of cancer and their families and friends.

In our support group, you can share your journey, your thoughts, feelings and experiences. In return, you can hear about how others in the same situation deal with their experiences and challenges. Participating in these kinds of groups is helpful and empowering in many different ways:

Fewer feelings of isolation. Nothing can help you feel less alone in your condition than meeting others in the same situation. Other people in a support group understand the physical, emotional, spiritual and social challenges that you go through every day.

Practical support. Hearing how other people cope with challenges, and learning what has and has not worked for them, can help you discover new information and strategies. This could include things like managing side effects, communicating with healthcare professionals or skin- and hair-care advice.

Reducing fear and uncertainty. Again, meeting others going through a similar situation may help you realize that many of your experiences and reactions are normal and natural. Feeling like you have teammates on your journey and being less isolated can make you less fearful and help you focus on the task at hand – beating cancer.

Improve your emotional health. Getting rid of some your negative feelings, such as fear and isolation, can help improve your emotional health. You may find great relief from being around others, just getting out of the house and (surprisingly) having a laugh or two and meeting a new friend. Group support may also help you recognize signs of depression or when your coping strategies are not working and you should seek help.

Education about cancer and treatment. We aim to provide an educational element at our meetings, with guest experts talking at meetings.
Our in network organizations and professionals can also help you get information about treatment options and institutions.

Finding resources. There are many, many resources out there for cancer patients and their families. But it’s difficult to tap into them if you don’t know they exist. We might be able to connect you with helpful resources that offer services ranging from financial to emotional or practical assistance.


For more information please email or call 0805 209 7631.

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