What We’ve Been Up To

Our First 6 Months:

    • Refurbishment of LASUTH Clinic by Lagos State Government – Joint project with Lagos State Government spearheaded by Dame Fashola and Mandi’s Cancer Aid Foundation
    • Creation of the Cancer Support Hotline (Over 300 calls to date)
    • Dissemination at Gala 2012 of educational double sided shower cards showing how to carry out a full breast self-exam and self prostate exam
    • Mandi‘s post Gala interview in TW Magazine
    • Mandi‘s post Gala interview on Classic 97.3
    • Increasing awareness and promoting the importance of medical check ups through our Social Networking sites  – Face Book (www.facebook.com/mandiscanceraid) and Twitter (MandisCancerAid)
    • Mandi’s story and the announcement of  the foundation on Moments with Mo (yet to be aired)

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