Our History

Mandi’s Cancer Aid Foundation (MCAF)  is a charitable organization, working to educate and support women and men living with Breast Cancer, their families and the community.

The foundation was started by Mandi Osoba Onakomaiya a 2-time breast cancer survivor whose mother succumbed to breast cancer at age 53 after a second diagnosis.



To educate, assist and support women and men living with cancer, their families and the Nigerian community at large.


MCAF is committed to:

  • battling against the rising incidence of Breast Cancer.
  • research and advocacy directed towards prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
  • educating women/men, the public and physicians about the importance of breast self-examination and the benefit of early detection.
  • support for patients, survivors and their families as they cope emotionally and physically with cancer.
  • triumph over cancer.

** Even though our focus is on Breast Cancer we support all cancers